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Marchand Combined School/Bishop Charles Gachet R.C Primary School.
The Principal Mrs. S. Lubin

Population at present is 173 students 106 male 67 female.
Reigning District 3 Track & Field Champions,Boys Champs and 2nd place girls.
District Three Grade 5 Science Quizz Champs 2014/2015

The Marchand Combined School has its beginnings in a little dwelling house on the hill by the Sacred Heart Church. On 5th September 1955, its doors were opened to accommodate ninety-two (92) pupils, drawn from the area. The first Principal was Miss. Martine Fedee. Three years later two classes were moved to a temporary building on the Marchand Grounds known as the Scout Den. Classes from the R C Boys’ and Ave Maria Primary formed part of the school’s population. This was to alleviate overcrowding at these two schools. However, Mrs. Ofana Williams was put in charge and the school was officially under the head of the RC Boys’ and Ave Maria Primary, but operated independently. As the school’s population grew to 300, Bishop Charles Gachet saw the need for a school in the area, and another building, where the school presently stands, was erected in 1958 to hold 600 students.

The school was formally opened on 14 June 1959 with a roll of 500 students. Ms. Jane Quinlan now Mrs. Jane Quinlan Bourne was the first Principal in its present location. During her tenure as Principal from 1959 to 1960, much skill, tact and patience were used to create a unified working school climate. The staff included persons like Mr. Gregory Burton, Ms. Adeline Cooper, Ms. Roslyn Clyne, Ursula Etienne, and Mrs. Asgill. Ms. Quinlan notes with pride the concerts, bazaars with Father Joseph Vrignaud, the Manager, and the fact that the school had no serious disciplinary problems. The school’s population grew to 700 by 1960 at which time Ms. Quinlan left to further her studies in Scotland.

IICA Agriculture Launch of (HOOPS) March 8th /2016

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture IICA will be assisting a few primary and Secondary Schools on the islands under a project HOOPS: Helping Out Our Primary and Secondary Schools. Marchand Combined will be one such school and the project HOOPS will be launched at the school on 8th March 2016. Look out for more details after the launch.

District Three Sports 10th March 2016

The Marchand Combined School is the reigning champions for District three sports and will be contesting this year to regain their title. The schools in district three are Forestierre Methodist Combined School, Marchand Combined School,Bocage Combined School, TiRocher Castries Comnined School,Ave Maria Girls Primary, R.C Boys Primary & Tapion School Ltd.

Anansi’s Challenge 11th March 2016

Students of grade six are currently in preparation mode for the Anansi’s Challenge under the guidance of Mr. Francis Regis. On 11 March 2016 they will represent the school in the competition round one hopeful that they will win and move on to round two through to the end. Two of the seven who are preparing will represent us.

School Committee

The Marchand Combined School has a number of committees in place to help with the success of the students, these committees are as follow: The Science Committee, Sports Committee, Mathematics Committee, Agriculture Committee ,Music committee,Language Committee, welfare committee, Fundraising Committee and CAT committee.

Contact Information

Tel. (758) 452-2967

School Feeding Program

The school has been running a school feeding program. We at the school believe that no child should be left in hunger, so as a result on morning breakfast are been prepared for students who did not have breakfast at home and this is free of charge. This program is sponsored by the Rotary Club and Sandals Hotel.
The school feeding also focus on lunch as well where student only pay a small fee of $1.00 if you need any information about this you can visit the school or contact us with the contact information given thank you.


The Parent Teacher Association